Hi. I’m Claire. Welcome to my blog.

I thought I’d start off by explaining why this space exists, who I am, and what you can expect to see here.

Well. Covid happened, didn’t it? Last year my life was shaken up rather rigorously and a few things happened:

+ I lost my job.
+ I was temporarily responsible for my two children’s home education.
+ I wrote an 80,000 word novel.

It sounds dramatic, but I should point out that it isn’t a speck on the horror unfolding in countries like India at the moment, and my heart is heavy for the people affected every day. My life in Australia’s island state of Tasmania goes on with relative normality, but my prayers are with those still in the midst of it.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve wanted to write a book. A work of fiction. And last year everything aligned to give me time, inspiration and grace to actually do it. I think I’m still floating on a euphoric cloud of disbelief that it has actually come to fruition. But I assure you, it has. The stack of manuscripts on my desk with sticky notes poking out like pink puppy dogs’ tongues can attest to that!

But it’s not published yet. Nope. And what a painful process that is.

Which brings me back to this space: this website and blog. Welcome to my writers journal, of sorts. Here’s what you can expect to find here over the next however-long-it-takes until I can change the word beneath my name from ‘writer’ to ‘author’:

+ insight into the research for my novel.
+ things I’m learning about creative writing.
+ the process of getting published.
+ the occasional short story or creative work to give you a peek at my writing style.

It’s so very wonderful to kinda (but not really) ‘meet’ you here. I welcome your interaction. Please feel free to ask me questions or suggest blog topics.

Finally, a few things about me…

My writing desk is tucked into a corner of our mid-century, sunken lounge. There’s another room with a desk that’s quieter, more private, but I’m always drawn to natural light and expansive sky views when I’m writing. And I have both of those here.

I’m a proud mother to Roman, 10, and Adelaide, 6. My husband Phill is my biggest encourager and I definitely would not have progressed as far as I have into my writing aspirations without him. We’ve been riding the highs and lows of marriage for more than 17 years. I’m 37. I don’t mind you knowing my age. It’s a number.

My inspiration flows out of the energy humming beneath the surface of every component of creation itself. Humanity, the environment, creatures, the seasons, sky, water, wind, earth. All reflections of The Creator. As I create, I bear the image of the first act of creation and there is something innately exquisite in the knowing of that.

Writing is both my work and my play. Admittedly, it’s more work than play at the moment. That’s something I need to address in fact: making more time to ‘just write’. That’d be a good title for a blog, wouldn’t it? Stick around and I’ll write that one next!

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