You’re invited to my book launch!

It’s a month until The Secrets of the Huon Wren will be sitting pretty on shelves in bookshops all over the place, including your favourite independent book sellers, Big W and Target. And yesterday, tickets went live for my hometown book launch event. So excited about this! It will be hosted by Petrarch’s Bookshop atContinue reading “You’re invited to my book launch!”

My Favourite Books on Writing and Creating

I’ve been trying to read more books that teach me about being a better writer and creative. I wanted to keep a list, so I can revisit their insights from time to time, and thought I’d put it here in case it was helpful for your own creative forays. I love the way these booksContinue reading “My Favourite Books on Writing and Creating”

My ridiculously achievable writing habit

Have you ever set an ambitious goal? And then failed? My hand is in the air, waving wildly. That was me last year. My goal was so far beyond reasonable that I’m a little embarrassed to own up. But I will. Because it makes for entertaining reading at the very least! As many of youContinue reading “My ridiculously achievable writing habit”

I just signed a book deal!

It’s true! I have just signed a contract with publishing giant Penguin Random House that will see my debut novel released in mid-2023. This is where you can imagine me jumping around with the abandon of a three-year-old on her birthday. Squealing. Dancing. Hanging off people’s arms. I can’t begin to tell you how excitedContinue reading “I just signed a book deal!”

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On symbolism and reading books you don’t like

Do you pick up on symbolism in the books you read? Do they ping at you like little neon lights for the book’s themes, or do they bob past you innocuously, and only subtly and subconsciously exist? Or are you reading this thinking, Whaaaa??? There are themes in books? Haha! There’s no right or wrongContinue reading “On symbolism and reading books you don’t like”

Creating a book is teamwork

I could fill a room with the people who have helped me complete my book to where it is now. And I’ll fill another room with the people who see it to publication. When I started out on this writing-my-first-novel journey, I had in mind that it would essentially be a solitary exercise. Me andContinue reading “Creating a book is teamwork”