I just signed a book deal!

It’s true! I have just signed a contract with publishing giant Penguin Random House that will see my debut novel released in mid-2023. This is where you can imagine me jumping around with the abandon of a three-year-old on her birthday. Squealing. Dancing. Hanging off people’s arms. I can’t begin to tell you how excited…

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On symbolism and reading books you don’t like

Do you pick up on symbolism in the books you read? Do they ping at you like little neon lights for the book’s themes, or do they bob past you innocuously, and only subtly and subconsciously exist? Or are you reading this thinking, Whaaaa??? There are themes in books? Haha! There’s no right or wrong…

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Dirt Healing

— a poem by Claire van Ryn for Australia Day.

Speak, Dirt! Hold up your story! Dream-tell!
Etch your wisdom through the soles of our feet, drawing up through bloodlines.

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I have an agent!

I’m absolutely delighted to share the news that I have just signed with an agent. Fiona Johnson from Beyond Words Literary Agency is representing me and my work to the publishing world.

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Creating a book is teamwork

I could fill a room with the people who have helped me complete my book to where it is now. And I’ll fill another room with the people who see it to publication. When I started out on this writing-my-first-novel journey, I had in mind that it would essentially be a solitary exercise. Me and…

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The man with the fluted nose

—A short story by Claire van Ryn.
“Happy friendversary!” is the pronouncement when I tap the little blue square with the white ‘F’ on my phone. I stir sugar into my Twinings. Tinkle-tinkle. Delightful sound. Stainless steel on Wedgewood.

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Just write, for goodness sake!

When I think back to those first days of beginning my novel, I recall a familiar message being delivered to me over and over again. It came as posts on social media land, as a main theme in the books and articles I was reading, as encouragement from my husband, and as a whisper in…

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Hi. I’m Claire. Welcome to my blog.

I thought I’d start off by explaining why this space exists, who I am, and what you can expect to see here. Well. Covid happened, didn’t it? Last year my life was shaken up rather rigorously and a few things happened: + I lost my job.+ I was temporarily responsible for my two children’s home…

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