I have an agent!

I’m absolutely delighted to share the news that I have just signed with an agent. Fiona Johnson from Beyond Words Literary Agency is representing me and my work to the publishing world.

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Creating a book is teamwork

I could fill a room with the people who have helped me complete my book to where it is now. And I’ll fill another room with the people who see it to publication. When I started out on this writing-my-first-novel journey, I had in mind that it would essentially be a solitary exercise. Me and…

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The man with the fluted nose

—A short story by Claire van Ryn.
“Happy friendversary!” is the pronouncement when I tap the little blue square with the white ‘F’ on my phone. I stir sugar into my Twinings. Tinkle-tinkle. Delightful sound. Stainless steel on Wedgewood.

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Just write, for goodness sake!

When I think back to those first days of beginning my novel, I recall a familiar message being delivered to me over and over again. It came as posts on social media land, as a main theme in the books and articles I was reading, as encouragement from my husband, and as a whisper in…

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Hi. I’m Claire. Welcome to my blog.

I thought I’d start off by explaining why this space exists, who I am, and what you can expect to see here. Well. Covid happened, didn’t it? Last year my life was shaken up rather rigorously and a few things happened: + I lost my job.+ I was temporarily responsible for my two children’s home…

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