I have an agent!

I’m absolutely delighted to share the news that I have just signed with an agent. Fiona Johnson from Beyond Words Literary Agency is representing me and my work to the publishing world.

For those who aren’t up-to-speed with how this works (truth is…. that was me about a year ago), basically, Fiona will go to bat for me in the cut-throat literary industry.

You know when a trusted friend recommends a book to you? Aren’t you much more likely to go read that book, than something you randomly pluck off the shelf? Well, Fiona’s like that friend. Only, her endorsements will be to the editors of publishing houses.

In short, it would seem I am one step closer to publishing The Huon Wren.

About Fiona

Fiona is a truly inspirational woman. At the age of 25 she was diagnosed with an aggressive form of leukaemia and told she had less than two months to live. Fiona held tight to the information she had read about acute myeloid leukaemia, that “few people survive”. Few, in Fiona’s reasoning, meant that some did survive, and she grasped that slim slither of hope.

Obviously, Fiona did indeed survive. Not only that, but she went on to chase her dreams of becoming a rodeo rider, horse trainer and mother.

Fiona has a background in marketing and sales, and she is an author in her own right. Her memoir My Wild Ride was published by Allen & Unwin — and I am currently devouring it!

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